Membership Fees

One-Time Enrollment Fee $100 Per Child (Max $300)
Membership Enrollment Visit Free
All Prenatal Visits Free
0-3 Months $120 / Month
3 Months - 1 Year $100 / Month
1 - 3 Years $90 / Month
4 - 5 Years $80 / Month
6 - 11 Years $70 / Month
12 - 18 Years $60 / Month
Max Per Family* $300 / Month
(*Additional Fee May Apply if More Than 6 Children)

Reoccurring monthly charges are per 6 month contract; 5% discount if year is paid in full

Benefits and services included when your child becomes a member of Dr. Riley Pediatrics:

**Any referrals or comprehensive labs & imaging will be ordered by and referred to our preferred network who can file any insurance claims for those more expensive tests.

Dr. Riley Pediatrics can only provide and deliver these exceptional services both efficiently and affordably by limiting the number and restricting the residential areas that we offer memberships to. We plan to offer memberships in 100-patient increments. We are offering memberships to Liberty Park, The Cottswold Residents, and Mountain Brook. Exceptions can be made for patients previously cared for by Dr. Riley who do not live in these areas (please fill out the pre-enrollment form and note this on the form). This will allow us to grow at a slow pace so that we can manage and provide the level of patient care promised. Dr. Riley became a Pediatrician to provide this level of exceptional care. Please fill out our online pre-enrollment section to receive further information via email and/or mail (no financial obligation for pre-enrollment). Also visit the Membership section of our website for membership pricing.

Pre-Enrollment Contact Form

There are no financial obligations until the membership agreement has been signed and our full services can be offered. We will arrange a visit with Dr. Riley in your home to answer any of your questions or concerns, as well as document suggestions regarding details about this much-needed transition to Dr. Riley Pediatrics. We are excited to provide your family with the highly individualized and personalized healthcare your children deserve!

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