Why Home Visits?

There is nothing as frustrating as bringing your sick child to a pediatrician's office, to wait in a room full of other sick children. Especially during cold and flu season, the worst thing you can do is expose your children to other kids that are sick. With the speed that typical pediatrician offices have to usher patients through to meet their daily quotas, how many times a day do you think that the chairs, surfaces, magazines, and other shared items and areas are sanitized? The odds are, not often.

Dr. Riley Pediatrics has a better way. If you had the option of having your sick child examined in the comfort of your home, at a convenient time, with your pediatrician's full attention, why would you settle for anything less? We want to bring this level of service to our members, because Dr. Riley believes that this is the best way to keep her patients as healthy and contagion-free as possible. Our practice model is especially appealing for families with newborns (0-3mo) that are not able to get early immunizations, or pediatric patients that may have otherwise compromised immune systems.

Dr. Riley served as the early in-home pediatrician to the Waldrop sextuplets born in Huntsville in 2018 (featured on TLC), and practice director Hannah took care of them in the NICU! She provided this service during cold and flu season both to keep her special six newborn patients out of a waiting room, and to help the Waldrop family in their transition into a family of 11! Watch the full episode Here

This is not only a benefit to our patients, but our parents too; the only thing worse than having a sick child is taking care of a sick child when you're sick too! Visit our Enrollment Page to schedule a no-obligation, in-home meeting with Dr. Riley to see how our services can provide exemplary care for your family!