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Now Offering Home Visit Services!

Dr. Riley Livingston & partner/sister Hannah Crow, CRNP

We are excited to start enrolling those that are interested in joining our family. Dr. Riley Pediatrics is a membership based, Direct Primary Care practice (DPC), offering the convenience and privacy of direct physician access and in-home urgent care service.

What is Direct Primary Care? Do I Still Need Insurance?

DPC is the way we provide the best patient care available to our members. Instead of paying copays for every doctor visit, you pay a low monthly fee for 24/7 access to your child's physician! Many of our members report paying the same or less yearly in medical costs for their children, with the benefit of in-home urgent care and no visits to office waiting rooms, full of sick kids. Other services like labs, imaging, and medications are processed normally through the convenience of your existing insurance provider.

Enjoy the benefits of compassionate, tailored healthcare for your children, from the comfort of your home!

Member Services

Learn more about the Benefits and services included when your child becomes a member of Dr. Riley Pediatrics:

Enrollment & Fees

Well Child Checkups

We monitor your children's milestones, & make sure they are hitting their marks

Learn More

Sick Child Prescriptions

Call-to-order prescriptions with convenient phone or in-person consultations

Learn More

Home Visits

Avoid doctor's offices and more discomfort to your sick child with in-home urgent care

Learn More

Sports Physicals

Make sure they're healthy and ready for school & other extracurricular activities

Learn More

"What Should I Do?"

Are these common thoughts or statements in your home since becoming a parent?

Q: "Does the physician actually need to physically see my child at this time, or is this something that can be addressed over the phone or via a virtual visit?"
At Dr. Riley Pediatrics, you can ask your pediatrician this directly!

Q:"Are my child's signs and symptoms concerning enough to be addressed now or are they considered normal for this illness or condition?"
This is not your job to figure out. It's a waste of your time and energy. Ask Dr. Riley directly!

Q:"I don't want to waste time or money on something that will need to just take its course."
Of course you don't. We don't want you to either. Just ask Dr. Riley directly!

Q:"I do have questions, thoughts, and concerns that might be trivial to others or make me sound like that crazy parent, but I still want to speak to my child's physician about them. They are important to me and cause me to worry when they continue to go unaddressed or are ignored. There is never enough time with the physician or I forget to ask during the appointment."
You are our kind of parent, and our membership is for you!

There is nothing more frustrating and nerve-wracking than putting your sick child in the car, traveling to the pediatrician's office or the local urgent care center, to be trapped in a waiting room with other sick children and fellow sleep deprived parents.

These are all very common thoughts that race through a parent's head when our child is acutely sick or even when they are overall well but there are "Mommy/Daddy nagging gut" concerns or questions that have gone unaddressed. Parents shouldn't be consumed with such doubt and concern when it comes to the healthcare of their children!

We strongly believe this is the kind of healthcare children deserve, and we want to provide it for your family.

Dr. Riley Pediatrics Has a Much Better Way

Please watch this video; it is very informative on the tenets of our practice!

If you had the option of having your sick child examined in the comfort of your home, at a convenient time for YOU (day or night), with your pediatrician's full attention, would you settle for anything less? We promise this level of service to our patients and their parents.

Dr. Riley’s current patients know how hard working and dedicated she is to her patients. She wants to ensure they continue to receive the care that they need during this time of transition. Thank you for considering joining us so that Dr. Riley can provide the Direct Primary Care that she has always wanted to provide without the endless duties, requirements, and countless hours of paperwork required by non-medical administrators that contributes very little to the actual care of our children.

Pre-Enrollment Contact Form

There are no financial obligations until the membership agreement has been signed and our full services can be offered. We will arrange a visit with Dr. Riley in your home to answer any of your questions/concerns regarding details about this much-needed transition and any details about Dr. Riley Pediatrics. We are excited to provide your family with the highly individualized and personalized healthcare your children deserve.

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